Robert Pattinson And Hugh Jackman Should Totally Make This Movie


When Real Steel star Hugh Jackman visited MTV News recently, he somehow got around to recalling how he met Robert Pattinson on a plane to Japan in 2009. Hugh was with director Baz Luhrmann, promoting Australia at the time. The Aussies decided to invite RPattz to their karaoke party later that night — and by party, we mean eight men in a karaoke bar room with a box full of women’s costumes.

Well, we’re not going to even begin to imagine the kind of fanfic that image has spawned. Instead, let’s imagine a Baz-directed flick starring these two vocally gifted pals, in the vein of previous Luhrmann films based on great myths and stories (Romeo+Juliet, Moulin Rouge …).

» An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Two Gentleman of Verona. I don’t remember this one, but check out this description on Amazon: “A comedy built around the confusions of doubling, cross-dressing, and identity, it is also a play about the ideal of male friendship and what happens to those friendships when men fall in love.” Romantic comedy, guys! And maybe they can remake that karaoke scene.

» A remake of Some Like It Hot. More amazing, not at all sexually confusing cross-dressing opportunities. But who will take the Marilyn Monroe spot?

» A modern take on the story of Icarus — you know the Greek myth about the rebellious kid who put on a pair of wax wings his father made and flew too close to the sun. Big metaphors of fame here, people. Is Hugh old enough to play Rob’s dad?

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