Second Breaking Dawn Trailer Reveals Five New Movie Moments


Well, what have we here? A new Breaking Dawn trailer!? (Peep the first BD trailer here.) Don’t mind if we do! Fandango‘s got the exclusive first look, and we counted a few new moments form the movie jam-packed into the 30-second clip. Let’s review what’s new below, and feel free to tell us if we’ve missed anything, fellow fangirls. We’re counting on you!

1) :01-:05 — A new Edward and Bella interaction! Edward: “It’s not too late to change your mind.” Bella: “I know I can do this.” Eddie C.: “I’ll meet you at the altar.” Audience: “SWOON!”

2) :12 — A little bit more headboard breaking action! Like .25 of a second more, but we’ll take all the Robert Pattinson rippling back muscles we can get.

3) :14 — A shot of some pretty mountains. Very Lord of the Rings-esque, dontcha think?

4) :20-:24 — Wolves snarling atop some pretty mountains. The most realistic looking Wolf Pack yet?

5) :25 — A magical marriage moment between Edward and Bella: “Well, what’s a wedding without some drama?” Allow us to dork out for a minute here. How hot does Edward sound saying this? All confident and cocky and mature. A bit different from the sullen (yet still sexy) and introverted Edward of the Twilight days of yesteryear. Seems like the vamp hunk (and, dare we say, the actor who plays him) has grown into a strapping, self-assured young man who looks damn fine in a suit.

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