Someone At The Globe And Mail Is A SRS H8R Right Now



A staffer at The Globe And Mail is apparently having a bad week or something, because s/he went on the offensive, adding captions to otherwise-dull pictures of dull celebrities that are zestier than a homemade jar of jalapeno-infused maple syrup.

Well, basically, that’s usually the case, but this week, s/he took the position of bashing the rich and famous within the context of the Occupy Wall Streets protest. Granted, it’s not really a fair jab to make at people like Jeremy Piven and Lauren Conrad who were just posing for pictures, but #whatever. We’re just showing ‘em to you before they get removed from the Globe & Mail site.

Don’t shoot the messenger! We actually think Lauren Conrad is a literary genius with a heart of gold! Because, y’know, she’s pretty!!!

[Globe & Mail via Brooklyn Mutt]

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