Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Look: A Pop Quiz


Hey guys, can we talk to you about something for a sec? We’re gonna come right out and say it: we’re worried about that Lindsay Lohan. She showed up to the Saints Row: The Third premiere last night looking less than her usual youthful, natural, and fresh-faced self. Something about her just seems kinda…off. Are we crazy? She looked so tired, but it couldn’t have been that late. We hope she’s not feeling under the weather. The pollen count’s been pretty high this year. And her teeth seem so…brown. Has she been forgetting to floss!? And what the hell is that stuff all over her hands? We’ve done a lot of thinking, and here are some choices that might explain her less than radiant red carpet stroll.

A. Took the Nyquil when she meant to take the DayQuil.

B. Sleep debt from staying up to watch the Kardashian wedding special.

C. Really just doesn’t give a damn about Saints Row: The Third.

D. Sugar crash after eating Nestle Quik powder straight from the jar again. *bonus points for explaining her teeth*

F. Was up late making a homemade card for her probation officer.*bonus points for explaining her hands*

F. Wait a sec…the orangey fake tan….the wonky teeth….it all makes sense: She wants to become a Jack-o-Lantern!

Check out the gallery below and make your own conclusions.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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