Professor Victoria Jackson Visits Occupy Wall Street, Talks “Good Looks And Smart Brains”


Former Saturday Night Live cast member-turned-Tea Party activist/Professor Emeritus Victoria Jackson brought her signature baby voice and extensive vocabulary to the Occupy Wall Street protests, where she grilled the protesters hellbent on bringing social change to a crooked government they believe favors the class warfare that keeps the rich rich and the poor poor.

Unfortunately, Victoria might also be a racist baby, because she said — into her shaky handheld camera — a lot of things that could have easily been muttered by a third grader who is just beginning to understand how the world works, but that’s okay, because she’s, like, eight years old. Victoria Jackson is 52 years old, and these are actual things that she said out loud:

The Twin Towers [stood] right about there that some Muslims crashed into.

I have a picture of Obama with the Black Panthers. It’s on YouTube.

Aren’t the rich people the ones who create all the jobs?

Oprah Winfrey had nothing. Now she’s a billionaire. That’s capitalism.

How are you going to make everyone equal in good looks and smart brains?

Come 2012, think of Victoria Jackson when you cast your ballot, and ask yourself: How are we going to make everyone equal in good looks and smart brains? Because that’s an America we all can believe in.


[via Hollywood Reporter]

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