Ian Somerhalder Is This Week’s Hotness: 11 Pics Of Him Celebrating


Oh, Ian Somerhalder, you’ve been through a lot. First there was that plane crash that you survived with a bunch of other crazy people, only to die a horrible death falling from a crashed plane in a tree (R.I.P., Boone!). Then you and your brother fell in love with the same woman, were killed by angry vampire hunters, and then turned into vampires against your will, only to fall in love with the same woman again. No rest for the incredibly good-looking! Let us console you with a little prize: You are this week’s Hotness!!!

With a final tally of 9,502 votes for the Vampire Diaries star to 2,656 for The Secret Circle’s Thomas Dekker, it doesn’t seem like the race was too close. But here’s an interesting bit of trivia for the TDek supporters out there: The Sarah Connor Chronicles alum won in U.S. votes, with 66 percent of the clicks. Votes for Ian, meanwhile, were coming from ALL OVER THE FREAKING WORLD. We’re talking Kazakhstan, El Salvador, Iceland, Korea, South Africa and basically every place you can think of. Russia and Australia were big participants. So, we’re guessing that once the Chance Harbor witches start finding their way to more international waters, Adam and his lovely eyelashes will be breaking more hearts than just Cassie’s.

In the meantime, here are 11 photos of Ian Somerhalder thanking fans for his Hotness. (No, Ian, thank you.)

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