Lindsay Lohan Blew Off Community Service, Psych Visits, And The Dentist


Lindsay Lohan’s stare-down with the law is almost getting impressive, were it not so amazingly stupid. Despite promising that she’d keep her nose clean (*zing*) after getting released from custody in May, Lindsay has been found in double violation of her probation and now could face time in jail. Maybe even in a real jail this time, and not staying  in her house and watching DVDs, which some of us would call “the weekend.”

According to TMZ,  the actress has failed to see her court-appointed psychologist once a week, as outlined in her probation terms. Lilo claims that she was unable to attend her shrink sessions because she was working out of the country, but the court says this is no excuse. In fact, Judge Stephanie Sautner specifically forbade her from work if it would interfere with the terms of her probation.

On top of that misstep, Lindsay has also been “kicked out” of her community service gig at the Downtown Woman’s Shelter for “violating the rules several times.” Apparently she “blew off” a total of nine visits, and when she did decide to show, she’d bounce after only an hour instead of the required four. Part of her probation agreement was for her to serve 360 hours of community service by May 2012 and so far she’s done twenty-on, which the judge hilariously calls this “unimpressive.” Lindsay’s now reportedly been moved to a new community service program at the Red Cross. But we should go easy on Lindsay lately, because she’s apparently very busy. From the looks of Lindsay’s brown teeth, she hasn’t even had time to get to the dentist in a while, either.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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