Russell Simmons Offered To Pay For Occupy Wall Street Clean Up


If only every group of protesters had their own incredibly wealthy rap mogul behind them, we could probably sort out societal problems a lot quicker. As you might have seen on the TV or the Interwebs, Russell Simmons has become something of a fixture at New York’s Occupy Wall Street protest, so much so that he offered to clean an entire park out of  his own (bulging) pocket rather than see protesters get kicked out for a cleaning. “Dear @MikeBloomberg — I will pay for clean-up of Zuccotti Park to avoid confrontation. I don’t wanna go to jail but I will be there ready!,” Russell tweeted. Luckily we all know that millionaires don’t go to jail, so…your move, city officials!

While New York’s Mayor Bloomberg probably could have really used the money (couldn’t we all?), in the end the owners of the park called off the cleaning, leaving Russell free to continue his frequent, Kanye West-filled visits down town. Maybe now Russell and Kanye can pool all their money to hose down the entire banking system? Or even just some other, filthier park?

[Photo: Russell Simmons’ Twitter]

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