Susan Sarandon Calls The Pope A “Nazi”


Another day, another celebrity making some totally out-of-the-blue reference to the Nazis. No, it’s not Lars Von Trier comparing himself to Hitler this time around. We mean, he’s probably still doing that,  just quietly to himself. No, instead Susan Sarandon’s Nazi comments, made during this weekend’s Hampton Film Festival, came at the expense of Pope Benedict XVI, who seems like a pretty easy target if you ask us. When clarifying which pontiff she had sent a copy of Dead Man Walking, Sarandon said, “The last one [Pope John Paul II], not this Nazi one we have now.” Sarandon then repeated the joke again while the audience laughed. Ouch! Now that’s a (completely unnecessary) burn right there!

According to TMZ, the papal PR team allegedly acknowledges that, while the Pope was a member of the Hitler Youth as a child, he had no “active participation” within the dread German party. Since Benedict still gets to be the Pope no matter how many zingers the cast of Bull Durham tosses his way, we doubt he would be too upset by the crack. Just don’t tell that joke around Lars Von Trier, or else he will never take the Vatican off speed dial.

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