The 11 Best Behind-The-Scenes Moments At The 2011 Scream Awards


I started my day at the Spike Scream Awards on a shuttle bus, which carried press past Wisteria Lane (so cool!) and the Jaws set all the way to the outdoor amphitheater which housed the show. I ended the night washing down a slider with some red wine after a bear hug from Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanna know what happened in between? Read on for my account of the 11 Best Behind-the-Scene Moments at the Spike Scream Awards. I was there. For eight hours. And I screamed a lot…in a fangirl-y sorta way.

11. Everyone freaking out over Drive star Ron Perlman hanging out backstage. Nino, guys. Effing NINO. Press and stars alike stared in awe at the celebrated character actor, and I’m going to assume we were all thinking the same thing: “OMG the guy who plays Nino is here. He is so badass. Yep, I’m going to listen to the Drive soundtrack for the 202o13013560th time on my drive home tonight.”

10. Teen Wolf-ers Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes surprising their co-star (and candidate for prettiest redhead in the world) Holland Roden on the red carpet. She screamed – which was more than appropriate considering the night.

9. Lena Headley and Sean Bean from Game of Thrones sharing smokes and beers with Dr. Who star Matt Smith. Beautiful Brits stick together backstage.

8. Joe Manganiello — AKA Alcide on True Blood  — asking me if he could swear on camera after he won Breakout Performance. Obviously I said yes. “It’s f*ckin’ awesome!” was his reply. He is an absolute delight.

7. Joe Manganiello — AKA I wish every man’s body looked like his — pretending to slaughter me with his Scream Award. It was the Sookie-est moment of my life…second only to the time I fell into that weird fairy-induced coma for a few weeks.

6. Tyler Posey barging in on Chloe Moretz in the middle of an interview just to say hi. “Dude, you interrupted my interview!” she teased. The pair became pals while co-starring in the Drew Barrymore directed video “Our Deal.”

5. The wonderfully humble and handsome Matt Smith gushing about getting starstruck around JJ Abrams and Quentin Tarantino. He also confessed to videotaping the scene for “my girlfriend, Daisy [Lowe].” Guys, he’s the sweetest.

4. Sean Bean‘s hot daughters hovering adorably on the red carpet while the crowd went nuts for their dad. Have you seen Lorna and Molly? They wore some of the edgiest outfits of the night and may just be our new fashion muses.

3. Zoe Saldana hanging around backstage looking fiercer than the scariest Harry Potter villain around. Girlfriend is skinny. Girlfriend is gorgeous. Girlfriend can rock a tiny white mini and some heels. She can move quickly in those things too! She flew by me a bunch of times and was walkin’ like six inch heels aren’t the most nightmarish things on earth.

2. Paul Wesley (yes, he’s so handsome it hurts) and his wife Torrey DeVitto held hands the entire night. On the carpet, hanging out backstage – the pair was inseparable.

1. Cuba Gooding Jr. making George Lucas, his Red Tails co-stars Elijah Kelley and Nate Parker and our crew laugh hysterically by describing how The Omen movies made him pee his pants when he was a kid.

Honorable Mention: Ders and Blake from Workaholics singing the Pop-Up Video theme song after declaring his love for the show. Why don’t we all have crushes on these guys yet? They were charmingly dorky and dorkily charming. IE: Dream men.

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