Toddlers And Tiaras Breakout Star Eden Wood Is Now A Model, But Not Really


Eden Wood proved herself to be THE BREAKOUT STAR of TLC’s pedobait circus child beauty pageant parade Toddlers & Tiaras, especially when she KILLED IT on The Talk (inadvertently alerting people that The Talk is a thing). Sorry, we meant she killed it in the slowed-down version that went viral.

Anyway, now she’s a real model for a fake ad. See, the folks at W Magazine love a good joke, so they enlisted photographer to “shoot nine advertisements for fake products and sprinkle them in with the real ads,” which may or not be confusing, if you’re as dumb as me.

But it’s funny because Eden Wood is wearing Marchesa, and I’m told that’s more expensive than my favorite designer, Larc Yacobs (he designs exclusively for Dress Barn and TJ Maxx, so you probably don’t know him?).

[W via Jezebel]

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