Shia LaBeouf Gets Into A Bar Brawl … Again


Shia LaBeouf needs to chill. By that, we mean that he needs to stop getting into bar brawls all the time. We wrote about Shia’s last fight back in February but that came after a list of trouble making, including a DUI in 2008. For this round, Shia got into a huge bust-up in Vancouver, Canada, on Friday.

The actor was reportedly partying his way through the Granville Street nightclub strip and got into three fights along the way. Really? Three? An eyewitness revealed to Radar, “He got into a confrontation with a couple of people. He took a few punches to the face. He was obviously pretty intoxicated.” Apparently, Shia and a barfly named Mike got into a heated punch-up with each other at Cinema Public House after midnight and had to be pulled apart by security. Unfortunately, Mike went at Shia outside again when he spotted the actor waiting for a cab.  Not that Shia was backing down either. He had to be restrained by a bystander and another witness said, “The guy had to tell him something like ‘calm down or I’ll have to lay you out.’ Then Shia just put his hands up and gave up.” (TMZ has a video of part of the confusing encounter.) We’re guessing the hangover the next day must have been lethal. Ease up, dude!

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