Meet The Two Most Insufferable Cartoon People Ever Drawn


Our good pal Noah Garfinkel draws our attention to the following animated commercial for One Brooklyn Bridge Park, a recently-opened set of luxury condos across the river from Manhattan.

Rather than simply presenting the condos as a nice but more affordable alternative to Manhattan real estate, the ad has chosen to portray two animated “example” tenants, and after thirty seconds of exposure to these people, we can already tell they are THE TWO MOST INSUFFERABLE PEOPLE IN THE HISTORY OF ANIMATION:

I literally cannot think of two animated people I would less want to live with than this couple, and that includes every villain from Batman The Animated Series. At least Killer Croc wouldn’t sit there wearing 3 pairs of colored glasses sipping his ‘fine aged Cognac’ while waiting for you to ask him where he got his prominently-displayed Leadbelly LP so he can go off on his diatribe about music going downhill after the 1910s.

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