Coco’s Butt Answers Twitter Questions About Coco’s Butt


In case you were wondering how fast society was approaching the Singularity, news that Coco’s butt is on Twitter answering questions about itself should give you a pretty good idea. “OMG.I woke up this morning & my ass was on Twitter answering questions..It has a mind of its own.Happy Thong Thursday!,” Ice-T‘s lady tweeted this morning. Besides your usual questions like “Wha?” and “How does it type?” and “Wait, so it was awake before you were, Coco?,”we took the liberty of imagining a (fictional) Q&A, with the queries we would like answered by Coco’s sentient derriere:

Q: @cocosworld Will you marry me?

A: @cocosbutt4mybride I’m already married to Ice-T, sorry! If they ever pass a law saying butts can have their own separate husband, give me a call!

Q: @cocosworld Any chance you’d ever work with Coco on some new tracks?

@ cocomusicisthegreatestmusicofalltime I keep telling her we need to do a cover of Sisqo‘s “Thong Song,” but she’s not having it! It makes sense, right?

Q: @cocosworld What do you think of the 2012 presidential race? Any plans to run?

A: @cocoforpresident Ugh, don’t even get me started on campaign finance reform! Maybe in 2016?

Q: @cocosworld Do you ever just sit? You know, just normal butt sitting?

A: @HalleKiefer Great question! My sheer glory actually creates a force field that allows me to levitate several inches off of any surface, so not really!

Q: @cocosworld Would you do it all again?

A: @jruntagh In a heartbeat.

[Photo: Coco’s Twitter]

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