Garrett Hedlund Rumored To Star In Live-Action Akira Movie


Akiraaaaaaaaa! Looks like that live-action Akira movie we’ve been hearing about, based on the manga by Japanese author Katsuhiro Otomo, finally got the green light from Warner Bros. So on to the more important question: Who is going to play the head of Akira‘s gang of disgruntled teenager bikers? You know, the one who must eventually try to stop his psychokinetic friend from potentially wreaking havoc on civilization? If you guessed Tron: Legacy‘s Garrett Hedlund for Akira‘s lead actor, you might be right. Rumor has it that the Country Strong star will be soon cast as the film’s protagonist Shotaro Kaneda, which brings us to yet another important question …

Is this live-action Akira going to be any good? As we wrote before, allegedly the upcoming Akira has been moved from Neo-Toyko to New Manhattan and, from the casting rumors we’ve heard so far, is pretty much throwing the Japanese-ness of the original story out the window. The film has also had has its budget slimmed down to $90 million dollar, which seems like a small amount with which to render the (pretty excellent) sci-fi elements of the original story. What do you think? Does Akira sound excellent, or does it just make you want to borrow the anime version from your younger brother?

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