Gay Soldier Makes It Clear: He’s Here, He’s Queer, And He’ll Take His Pizza With Half Pepperoni, Please


Last month, American solider Randy Phillips made the brave move to log onto YouTube and record a video of himself coming out to his dad over the phone, in the spirit of celebrating the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Whatever your politics may be, it’s got to be moving to see somebody free themselves from the shackles of repression in front of your very eyes (and, luckily, Dad’s pretty cool with it) (Mom, ehhh, not so much). To see someone suddenly become truly happy is an astounding sight, and, yes, I know I sound like Oprah right now, but #whatever. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!!!

But at what point does catharsis become oversharing? Answer: when the pizza delivery guy gets involved. (GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GAY GUTTER!)

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