Dina Lohan’s Memoir: What’s The Opposite Of Helicopter Parenting?


In Lohan news today: Parenting is hard! Dina Lohan has been shopping a memoir to publishers, as if there were things she hasn’t already spilled to every news outlet that will pay her to. In the prologue that TMZ obtained, the showbiz mom basically shirks the blame for everything that’s gone wrong in Lindsay Lohan’s life.

“How could I deny my daughter the chance of a lifetime?” Dina says of letting LiLo start her career so early. “How could I hold Lindsay back from her dream of becoming an actress? So, I listened to others and sent my daughter to Hollywood with a few pieces of luggage and a chaperone.”

And of Lindsay’s infamous downward spiral, she writes, “I blamed her friends, her career and her handlers for an (sic) newfound lifestyle of partying excessively. Drinking, drugging and behaving irresponsibly became Lindsay’s way of daily living — and it tore me up inside.”

Seems to be a pretty passive approach to motherhood, no? We’re also guessing Dina didn’t have the opportunity to teach Lindsay basic skills like dental hygiene, makeup application and arriving to work in a timely manner.

Speaking of the latter, though everyone is shocked — shocked! — that Lindsay didn’t show up on time at the morgue for her community service yesterday, we can’t exactly blame her. We’d be a little hesitant, too. Anyway, she’s got another couple of weeks in which to work those 16 hours the judge ordered her to complete before her November 2 hearing. Chin up, Lindsay, your mom may not have your back, but some of us are still rooting for you to get your act together!

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