I’m Out Like Oprah


“To God be the glory.”

So said Oprah on the final day of her talk show. And, like Oprah, I’m leaving, too (although I don’t know what that quote is from, but it reminds me of “Stomp” by Kirk Franklin, which is always welcome). After months of writing for a blog that initially single-handedly paved the way for hilarious, irreverent, intelligent pop cultural commentary, I, too, am leaving to spend more time with Gayle.

Hopefully, you thought I was funny! At worst, I think some people thought I was a left-wing propagandist or something, because sometimes I took issue with famous people who I think are bad for our culture, but as any Real Housewife would say, “That’s just me and I won’t change for anybody. NOBODY can tell me what to do!” She’d also probably say, “HOW DARE YOU JUST SHOW UP LATE TO THE LAUNCH PARTY FOR MY LINE OF LUXURY ADULT DIAPERS!” And I would also DEFINITELY say that.

Big thanks to Michelle and Dan, who made BWE a blast, and to Mark and Matt, as well. And Photoshop GENIUSES Pete Schultz and Lauren Deiman. #VERYGOODPEOPLE

Anyway, if you’d like to keep up with me, I’ll be the newly minted Asst. Editor at New York Magazine’s pop culture hub, Vulture. And I blog on Tumblr. I only use Twitter to get updates on Danny DeVito, but I’m on it. And I made into a blog into a book that your mom might like.

Also, Gayle says hi!

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