Amy Winehouse’s Boyfriend Opens Up About Her Death


Amy Winehouse’s death was a devastating event for those who knew her solely through her music; we can only imagine how hard it must have been for those close to her in life. In an interview with Britain’s Mirror, Winehouse’s boyfriend Reg Traviss discusses her sobriety, which prior to her death had Amy Winehouse‘s friends and family hopeful that the singer was well on the road to recovery. “It’s been foggy, very foggy … very tough. I have started getting back to work and keeping busy, but it’s difficult,” film director Traviss tearfully explained. “You start thinking about it, you get down — it brings you down. Amy had turned a corner, that is the tragedy.

After Amy Winehouse’s toxicology report allegedly turned up alcohol but no illegal drugs back in August, a further inquest was scheduled to start this week into the factors around her passing.

“You couldn’t put her in a room with drugs, it just wasn’t her world any more. She had nothing to do with drugs, had no interest in drugs, all that was in the past,” Traviss claims, responding to gossip surrounding Amy’s continued substance abuse. “But she had all that within her control. What happened was a reaction to the abuse she had put her body through a few years ago. These things take a strain and if the body gets strained it takes its toll.” Hopefully a definitive answer to the cause of Amy’s death will put those rumors permanently to rest.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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