Gigantic Balls Are Having The Best Week Ever!


This has been quite the month for humongous elephant scrotal sacs. Who can forget the poor soul Wesley Warren Jr., the man with 100 lb. testicles who needs a million dollars to get those puppies (St. Bernards) removed. No one can forget him, because his swollen image is permanently laser etched into each of our reproductive systems.

Well today our collective balls are going to get even bigger! That’s because the electronic musical act Duck Soup have released their latest music video for “Big Bad Wolf.” It’s about a couple of dudes trying to pick up ladies while not wearing pants. Intriguing? Sure. Especially when you consider the junk they’re working with has its own FACE.

If you’re someone who is squeamish about crotches with eyes, this video may not be for you. For the rest of us, sit back, put your best ermine thong on, and enjoy.

Might be too early to call it, but I’m fairly sure Scrotums are having the BEST WEEK EVER!

[Gawker via Rolling Stone]

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