Jessica Simpson’s Ex Tony Romo Announces Baby On The Way


Jessica Simpson, you need to get on your game! Everyone knows the point of having an adorable baby with your gorgeous husband is to show all your exes how great your life is! Oh, and to create a family to love and cherish forever. Regardless!

Jessica Simpson’s alleged baby bump might be obvious to anyone with eyes to see, but it’s her ex Tony Romo’s baby who got an official announcement out there first. “Um, no, I don’t have any kids. I’ve actually got one on the way. My wife’s pregnant.,” Romo told a cheering crowd of kids while visiting Cedar Hill High School outside of Dallas today. See, Jessica! You could have had an auditorium full of ninth graders cheering for your fetus! Granted Romo and Simpson split back in 2009 and probably don’t even think about each other anymore, but what about us? Jessica had better pop that sucker out first, is all we’re saying. Do it for the fans!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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