Hunger Games Posters: An In-Depth Eye-Shadow Analysis


Well, no one’s on fire and no one is being stung by tracker jackers, but we’re sure Hunger Games fans are buzzing with excitement about the eight new posters showcasing the eight main characters. After you’ve calmed yourselves down a bit, let’s take another look at these profiles:

Katniss (debuted on Yahoo! Movies): She looks a bit softer than I picture the tough District 12 tribute — like the camera caught her thinking about her mother and Prim back home. But there’s still something to the set of her jaw that hints at her unfailing strength. Also, very subtle how they made Katniss face to the right while all the others face to the left.

Peeta: As our friend Amy at Hollywood Crush (where this poster debuted) says, “Peeta appears determined and yet somehow vulnerable, all at the same time. (Not to mention he looks so young, right?!)” He certainly doesn’t look like a kid who’s ever fought for his own survival, like Katniss has.

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Gale (Moviefone): He’s the polar opposite of Peeta, as he should be. His face is hard and angry, but we see that gleam in his bright blue eyes that says he thinks there’s a better life out there for Panem’s downtrodden citizens.

Rue ( Poor Rue! With her head bowed like that, she’s the literal poster child of how cruel the Hunger Games are.

Cato ( Ugh, the District 2 tribute with his glare and spiky hair looks like every teen bully of every teen show in the ’90s. That’s a good thing.

Haymitch (IGN): Even when Woody Harrelson is all serious — or maybe because he is — I want to crack up. The book had zero comic relief, but this poster is giving me hope that the movie will.

Effie (EW): That bit of pink on Elizabeth Banks’ eyes, hair and flowers sets her apart as a Capitol resident. And to me it’s another glimmer of hope that Effie’s ridiculousness will make us laugh during those early, tense moments.

Cinna (Fandango): Lenny Kravitz‘s look here is the only disappointment in the bunch. Just a bit of orange eye shadow? Cinna would never allow himself to be photographed so naked and plain!

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