Nicki Minaj Gets Into A Bust-Up With Her Maid


If TMZ has got its story straight, then Nicki Minaj got into a fight with her maid that escalated to the point where the cops were called. The bad blood between the two supposedly began a couple of weeks ago, when Nicki fired the maid for picking a photograph of the singer out of the trash and then asking Ms. Minaj to sign it. Apparently, the maid came back to Nicki’s house yesterday.

What went down after was pretty nasty. A source says that the two started exchanging heated words, with the maid telling the singer that she wouldn’t be “treated like an animal.” Nicki’s apparent response was, “I’ll show you how to treat someone like an animal … get the f— out of my house!” Now, the problem here is that other sources have stated that this was not the maid Nicki fired. The singer just got people mixed up. Nicki just thought this was the maid she had given the pink slip to. Details may be murky at the moment, but this whole incident reeks of poor taste, either way.

The dramz got even dirtier because Nicki’s boyfriend reportedly got involved and started pushing the maid around. Long story short: Said maid called the cops with the intent to file for battery, but didn’t press charges once they arrived. We’re sure more information will emerge soon enough, and we’ll be able to shed some more light on this mess.

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