The 20 Best Obviously Unlicensed Halloween Costumes


Why plunk down $100 for an “official” Spider-Man costume when you can get a perfectly good “Heroic Web Throwing Man” suit for a fraction of the cost? Here’s our handy BWE rundown of some costumes that are nice and legal without all the unwanted hassle of being “actual things.” Generically enjoy!

20. Wizard Academy Warlock

Harry Potter

We must battle against The Costume Who Must Not Be Named!

19. Dreamgirl Shop-a-holic

Elle Woods

She’s Legally Yellowhaired.

18. The “Billionaire” Wig

Donald Trump

You’re relieved of your position!

17. British Sleuth

Sherlock Holmes

Is Sherlock Holmes public domain yet? Better not risk it…

16. Caribbean Buccaneer

Captain Jack Sparrow

Jesus, there are more pirates in the Caribbean than just those ones, alright? But these ones had dreads with beads too.

15. Super Deluxe Bandido Costume


Not affiliated with the film, “The Mask Of Bandido Child”

14. Doll Box

Barbie Doll

I’m a Doll Box girl, living in a Doll Box woooorrlld…

13. Candy Man

Willy Wonka

What’s the problem? It could be any Candy Man. Sammy Davis Jr., for example.

12. Candy Factory Worker

Oompa Loompa

And here’s Candy Man’s trusty sidekick, Normal Candy Factory Worker.

11. Mouse

Minnie Mouse

What is this Dizz-nee you speak of?

10. Hollywood Starlet Dress

Marilyn Monroe

And it seems to me, you lived your life, like a wax-thing-you-light in the breeze…

9. Captain Cutthroat

Jack Sparrow Again

You’re forgetting one thing — I’m Deluxe Captain Cutthroat.

8. Cartoon Mom Wig

Marge Simpson

That could be anyone’s mother with giant vertical blue hair. Who are you to judge?

7. Enchanting Princess


Better find your metal slipper before 12:30 falls!

6. Value Wizard Robe, Glasses, and Magic Wand

Worse Harry Potter

Just a prep school graduate holding his diploma wand. No lawsuit here.

5. Ogre


What’s the problem? Ogres are green. And they wear vests. And talk in Scottish accents. And are named “Shrek The Third.”

4. Plumber Man

Mario Bros.

Not our responsibility if this plumber just so happens to dress in red with blue suspenders, or if he chooses to pick up coins and throw fireballs.

3. Hugo Hepcat

Hugh Hefner

The iconic founder of Playcat Magazine.

2. Lodge Man

Fred Flintstone

Babba babba boo!!!

1. Tommy Tater & Tina Tater

Mr Potatohead

Mrs Potatohead

Aww… these two were so adorable in that movie Action Figure Allegory
(and Action Figure Allegory 2).

[Bonus: “I know this is a crazy specific longshot, but…you don’t happen to have a Eurasian Traveler costume, do you? Whoa no way!”]

(Ed.┬áNote: As BWE Superfans may recall if they existed, this post originally appeared in October of ’08, but it’s topical again and we really like it and we are laaaayzaay.)

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