Amanda Seyfried Wears Formal Shorts, Tries To Make Them Work


Oh, Amanda Seyfried, you gorgeous thing, you. She confounds us in these pictures taken at U.K premier for In Time in London last night. We think that formal shorts are the devil. They should not exist because as a concept, they’re just wrong. There should be nothing formal about shorts, fashion world. And here we have Miss Amanda who not only puts on the offensive garment but pairs them with a matching tailored tuxedo jacket, both by H&M. And this fact has obviously not escaped you — they’re electric blue. What’s even worse is that Amanda is totally working it with her shiny hair, pert behind and amazing gams. That’s why we’re so grumpy. Anyone who makes us believe that formal shorts should be allowed into wardrobes, could not be our friend. Except if it’s Amanda. Call us.

Slap some sense into us, folks. We’re so confused now!

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