American Reunion Joins The Long List Of Movies About How Awful Families Are


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Isn’t falling in love, getting married and having babies just the worst? According to practically every movie in the past 30 years, yes! The full American Reunion trailer is out, and once again we are reminded how marriage and kids inevitably leads to a sexless, sleepless fugue state, a joyless domestic desert that only Stifler’s Mom can rescue us from. Which of course made us look back on all the other films that have made family life look like the pits…or worse. Counting American Reunion as #10, from merely annoying to truly horrifying, here are our top 10 movies that seems to think having a family is the worst thing ever:


9. Parenthood (1989): Sure, having a family might mean projectile vomiting, pawing through the garbage for your kid’s retainer and finding out Keanu Reeves married your teenage daughter behind your back, but having a young adorable Steve Martin as your spouse kind of balances it all out.


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8. Date Night (2010): Steve Carrell and Tina Fey are so bored with their everyday domestic routine, even being chased around Manhattan by homicidal corrupt cops seems like a nice change of pace. Still, in the end, not even a shirtless Mark Wahlberg can ruin the good thing they’ve got going.


7. Grown-Ups (2010): Whether it’s Rob Schneider‘s elderly wife or Kevin James‘s 48-month-old son who is still breast-fed, family life can only embarrass you in front of your junior high friends. On the flip side, Salma Hayek is your wife, so we guess it’s all worthwhile.


6. Knocked Up (2007): Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl’s hilarious unplanned pregnancy aside, it’s Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd‘s marriage in Knocked Up that makes us cringe. Their heart-wrenching argument about seeing Spider-Man together makes us (slightly) less worried about being single.


5. Sex And The City 2 (2010): You might forget that the girls’ Abu Dhabi adventures happened as the direct result of familial strife. From Carrie’s TV-related meltdown to Charlotte sobbing in the food pantry, sometimes you need to go to another continent to get away from…we mean, to get perspective on what’s really important. At least until Samantha’s horniness accidentaly gets you kicked out of your $20,000-a-night hotel, that is.


4. The Family Stone (2005): Listen, sometimes you are too busy falling in love with your significant other’s brother and/or sister to pay enough attention to your mom Diane Keaton‘s terminal cancer. It’s something every family must deal with!


3. American Beauty (1999): When even a trash bag blowing in the wind seems more interesting than your immediate family members, you know things have gotten pretty bleak on the home front.


2. The Ice Storm (1997): Like American Beauty, but starring Christina Ricci and featuring a key party and electrocution? Must be The Ice Storm!



1. The Shining (1980): Okay, so technically speaking it’s not just family life that seems terrible at the Overlook Hotel (Redrum, anyone?), but there’s a reason Stephen King didn’t have Jack Torrence go crazy with a couple of his college bros.

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