The 17 Most Hilarious Halloween Missed Connections


The Missed Connections section on Craigslist is always a good place to read about lost loves, or crossed paths, or creeps who stare at you on the subway and then post about it on the internet. But no time of year does the Missed Connections section come alive quite as much as it does the day after Halloween, when finding your true love becomes all the more complicated because said person was wearing a costume.

Below, we bring you the 17 Funniest Halloween Missed Connections that happened this weekend. Maybe one of them is you?? (If you dressed up like Darth Maul, one of them is probably you.)

17. Skeleton Guy Looking For Sarah



16. Oreo

You were walking down 26th towards 10th on Friday night where you crossed the street and we had a nice chat about your giant Oreo costume while walking to 9th Avenue together. I should have just kept walking with you until I had to get on the subway instead of turning down 9th. You were cute and nice and dressed as a giant cookie. What’s not to like?

15. Big, Blonde-ish Afro, Yellow Tee, 116 MacDougal, Halloween!

Your cadre of brown-skinned, hippie chicks was a glorious perpetual motion machine, and you were — in my estimation — the best dancer of them all. I watched your movements so closely it was probably embarrassing. I asked you if your massive afro was real. You looked at me like I was crazy, but you let me feel your scalp anyway. You asked me if I was going to sit there all night — then you made your friend dance with me. I wanted to dance with you, but I was intimidated by your perfect bounce and shuffle — not to mention your smile. I should have said something.

If you remember me, maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.

14. Poky from Gumby <3

I saw you near the Halloween Parade around 9pm. I asked who your costume was supposed to be, if you were Poky the Horse from Gumby.

I’m a girl with long black hair, not so tall, I had white eyes.

13. Darth Maul. Marry me

I think I’m in love. You got on I think at 42nd street and you were dressed as Darth Maul. Being a huge dork, I thought your costume was super cute (despite the fact that, like most Star Wars fans, I’m not the biggest fan of the Episode 1). But more surprisingly, I thought that even beneath all that makeup you were so adorable. I apologize profusely for staring, I couldn’t take my eyes off you! You caught me staring and smiled at me and then waved after I got off at 66th street. If this is you, tell me what I was dressed as. I doubt you’ll see this, but I’ll forever remember this as the Halloween that a Sith stole my heart. Siiiiiigh <3


There were five of you. One of you really caught my eye. You were standing in the middle and I stood in front of you.

I am the Asian girl dressed up as a black cat and my friend didn’t have a costume.

I would like to grab coffee or lunch and maybe you can wear the panda suit for me again, because I think its adorable. I wanted to give you a big hug.


Jen, great meeting you at the parade. Welcome again to NYC. If you wanna meet sometime for a puppet show, lemme know.

– Skeleton with Glasses

10. Princess That Kissed Me

You kissed me with my scarecrow mask on and I was wearing a leather jacket. You had a pink princess dress and flowers. I just want to know your name Princess.

9. Liza Minelli seeks The Silver Surfer

At the Halloween parade, towards the last few blocks… I’m pretty sure we had a moment. At least, I looked at you and you looked at me and we looked at each other… and then I said “Silver Surfer? That’s awesome.” What I meant was “you are GORGEOUS!” I was dressed as Liza Minelli with a red scarf in a picture frame. Maybe you thought I was gorgeous too? If you read this, maybe we can go out sometime and get to know each other without your silver paint and my fake eyelashes?

8. Top Gun girl sunglasses Photo w/me Union Square

We took a photo together on Halloween in Union Square. We were both wearing Top Gun outfits with sunglasses, we were standing near two girls sword fighting.

7. Panda man on Lorimer L platform

i feel pretty ridiculous posting this, but here goes!

i have a picture of you and you have a picture of me…
you had a brilliant panda costume and my unicorn costume was being violated.

i would love to buy you a drink. you were with a pretty lady friend but it doesn’t hurt to simply have good company!

holler! and when you do, please state what piercing we had in common so i know :)

6. Occupy Halloween

We talked in the bathroom line. I ended up dancing with someone else, but I wished you had told me more about the book you were writing in the cave in Greece….

5. Gary the Shark Attack Victim

You ran out so quick on my girlfriend and I last night before we could get your info….we were Mickey Mouse and the School Girl at the bar, we thought you were good company before you peaced out. Drop us a line and we’d love to hang out again :o) Please tell us what our real jobs are and where you wanted to take us for dinner so I know you are the real Gary ;o)

4. A Jasmine and a Gypsy

I am in search of Princess Jasmine. Met on the dance floor of an epic party overlooking Universal Studios Saturday night (In case you don’t remember, I was the gypsy; the muthafuggin gypsy to be more specific) and then you continued to sweep me away on a very magical carpet ride. Anyway, you got stolen away you from me because Jimi Hendrix was holding the bedroom door shut, which had our respective parties quite worried, yours far more than mine from what I hear. We struggled to no avail to get each others information and before I could find you, you were gone. You took me to a whole new world, I don’t know what I want, but I at least want to know that you’re alright.

3. Catwoman in Altima on PCH

I was in the black Honda CR-V in the right lane next to you on PCH Halloween night around 5:30pm. I saw your mask and was very intrigued. You had your kids in the car with you, and made a left before Cherry Ave. I’d like to meet you for some adult fun. Wear the costume. Catwoman has always turned me on. Ever since Julie Newmar played her on the Batman TV show in the 1960s. I hope to hear back from you.

2. I was a gangster, you a Star Wars Villian on the Q Halloween night

Hi there I was Bonnie, a gangster and you were a Star Wars villain. We met and talked a little on the Q train from 14th street to 42nd at maybe 12:20? I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars so I’m not sure who exactly you were. I’m sure when you tell me I’ll be like OMG of course. :) I love the movies, don’t get me wrong but I’m more of a horror girl myself. I couldn’t stop staring at you. I thought you were really cute under all the makeup. I dropped my fake cigar and you pointed it out with your blue light saber. You told me you had class the next morning and it was gonna take a long time to get all that makeup off before class. I wanted to talk to you. I actually felt a spark and I’m pretty sure you did too but there was a terrorist and a cop next to me and a whole lot of costumed people next to you. If by any chance you do see this and are single to please respond, I’d love to go out and come what may. You seemed like an interesting guy and think about it, how awesome would our how did you meet story meet? Well here’s to hoping

1. Sarah, I tickled your mustache and liked it

That’s right. I said it. I tickled your mustache and liked it.

You were by far the cutest girl with facial hair at the Halloween parade.

Oh and the sweet neck tattoo of the bald eagle was patriotic as f*ck.

We should ride bikes. :)


ARE ANY OF THESE YOU? Or did you yourself have a Halloween Missed Connex? Let us know in the comments, I’m like 100 percent poz the love of your life reads this blog.

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