The 15 Best Tweets About Mariah Yeater By Angry Justin Bieber Fans


Those Beliebers say the darnedest things! When 20-year-old Mariah Yeater leveled paternity claims against Justin Bieber, she should have realized that she was going up against his fiercely protective fan-base. The singer has a militantly loyal army of  that numbers over 14 million strong,  and you really don’t want to mess with ‘em. In the past some have made serious threats against Justin’s girlfriend Selena Gomez, and even platonic lady-friend Kim Kardashian.

Now they’re furious at the woman who attempted to sully their idol’s reputation with what they believe to be a bogus baby claim. So the disgruntled Beliebers are taking to Twitter, the Internet’s giant high school cafeteria, to vent their anger. The majority of these messages were clearly written through tears of blind rage on the Biebs behalf, and are mean-spirited and a little scary. But amazingly, the tweets aren’t all just typo-ridden hate speak. In fact, some are actually pretty funny, and have introduced us to enriching new words like “Bieberconda” and “Biebergasm.” Who knew? Join us under the jump for the nuttiest and funniest of the bunch! And take our poll to let us know who you think is crazier in this situation. Don’t worry, it’s confidential.

[Photo: Splash News Online/Getty Images]

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