Kristen Stewart: “It’s So Cool” That I Inspire My Fans


A few days ago I wrote an essay on my personal blog called “Why Kristen Stewart Matters,” about the way the actress is presented in the press and why I think she’s a role model for women and girls. So many fans responded positively (wow!) and asked that I tell Kristen how she much inspires them. Because I’m a woman of my word, I did just that at the Breaking Dawn press conference yesterday afternoon. She knows, you guys, she knows! I also asked her if she had processed the important role she plays in the lives of her fans. Her response, which was adorably rambling and wonderfully KStew-esque, is as follows.

“I love that. That’s … it’s really hard to, it’s hard to, I don’t, um, I hate when people say, ‘What advice do you want to give your fans?’ But just to share … Oh god, I don’t even know how to explain this. People that I look up to, you find people in life that are your common, like, ‘Yeah, I’m like you.’ Everyone chooses differently. It’s just weird because this question always does sort of present: ‘So, why are you better?’ And I’m like literally the same, which is why it’s so cool. And I thank them too. The same reason they like me, I’m sure I’d like them, do you know what I mean? It’s like common ground. And because I’m like, placed on this pedestal, it looks like, ‘Wow, it’s so incredible that you can be this way,’ and it’s like, ‘Well, not really because this is so weird, trust me….there’s really no difference.”

She finished by adding: “It is hot in here.” KStew fans, what do you think of her answer? How does Kristen inspire you in your life? Tell us, and we’ll keep telling her!

Kristen Stewart Has “Grown A Lot,” Says Co-Star

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