You Can’t HANDLE The Dog In This 1-800-Petmeds Ad


If any company ever wants me to instantly buy their product, or if you’re ever torturing me and need me to give up valuable information by turning me into a hopeless slobbering mess, just show me the dog in the first half of this 1-800-PETMEDS commercial, because I literally CAN NOT TAKE IT (and rewatched the ad 6 times and could not take it every single time.)

I just ordered $8 million worth of 1-800-PETMEDS, and I don’t even own a pet. I’m actually not sure if I ordered the meds either, I just dialed that number and yelled “WHOOOZA CUTEST DOG IN THE WORLD YESSSSS YOU AREEEE!!!!” and passed out dreaming of having this dog as a pillow:

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