Adam Lambert Gets Queeny At The EMAs


The MTV European Music Awards were last night. For those of you not familiar with the EMAs, the quickest way to explain it is that they’re like the VMAs, only with a lot more exposed penis.

Which makes it the perfect venue for our beloved Adam Lambert to get up on stage and rock out with his virtual c*ck out, singing lead for none other than legendary band Queen. Adam is a sort of a vocal second-coming of Freddie Mercury, and this was a collaboration many have dreamed about, presumably while stroking a body pillow covered in leather wearing an Elvis wig and guyliner.

Adam spends the first minute of the performance in the dark belting out the first few lines of “The Show Must Go On” while a series of anti-epilepsy strobe lights flash in the background. What follows is an epic 8 minutes of Adam and Queen guitarist Brian May jamming in front of thousands of wide-eyed Irish people in Belfast.

By the time they crank up “We Are The Champions,” you’ll be guzzling gallons of throat coat tea amazed at how this guy does it. He needs to do like that Asian lead singer of Journey and tour with Queen on the real.

Ahead, Adam makes an appearance on the HUB’s singing children reality competition called Majors & Minors. The kids, naturally, lose their f**king minds.


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