20 Possible Names For The Duggars’ 20th Child


The Duggar Family from TLC’s 19 And Counting just announced the impending arrival of a 20th child. Because they clearly have their hands full already (and have just about run out of ‘J’ names), we’ve offered to help them out with this handy list of 20 Possible Names For The Duggars’ 20th Child. Now they can just kick back and enjoy the glory of childbirth!

1. You

2. You There

3. Hey

4. Kid With The Thing

5. Jana Wait Sorry Josie

6. Whatzis…The…You!

7. TBD

8. Joe 2

9. Good Decision

10. 20th Time’s A Charm

11. Even Teams

12. Kid: The Squeakquel

13. Whatever

14. Doug

15. Defiance Of Nature

16. Groupon

17. New Document

18. Neglecto

19. Unique

20. And Counting

Other suggestions? Throw ‘em in the comments.

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