Let’s Play A “Duggar Family On The Today Show” Drinking Game!


Here’s the Duggar Family from TLC’s 19 Kids And Counting appearing on the Today Show to announce the coming birth of their 20th child. In an effort to make this clip watchable instead of causing you to instantly punch your monitor then vomit into the hole you’ve created (which is NOT covered by Applecare, as I found out a couple minutes ago – THANKS, New Apple CEO), let’s turn this interview into a Duggar-themed Drinking Game!

Take a drink…

- Whenever the camera cuts to a hilariously wide shot to include all the kids.
– Whenever Ann Curry asks a softballed question and refrains from adding “you f***ing monster?”
– Whenever Michelle blames God.
– Whenever they cut to a kid who could not give less of a sh*t.
– Whenever Jim Bob laughs at his own joke then ejaculates and it makes Michelle pregnant again.
– Whenever you vomit.

Watch the clip below, and good luck! And don’t worry if you die, cause we have plenty of Duggars to replace you:

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