Jonathan Lipnicki’s Hot Photos Make Us Feel Dirty


I can’t be the only one who opened a link yesterday, saw a bunch of photos of a shirtless guy flexing and posing at some gym, thought, “Hmm, he’s kinda hot,” realized, “OMG, that’s Jonathan Lipnicki,” and then vigorously tried to wash those thoughts out of my 8 lb head. But now I feel ambivalent about my reaction. I mean, he’s CLEARLY not just “that kid from Jerry Maguire.” He should be allowed to grow up and get a six-pack to rival the Situation, right? I wonder how this makes Renée Zellweger feel.

What’s amusing is that these photos were taken back in May, by professional photographer Ryan Caliendo. But Jonathan just started sharing them on his Facebook page this weekend. We wonder if it was in part an effort to promote Broken Roads, the movie he executive produced (and does not act in), which is releasing its trailer on Friday. The photos are certainly going viral and making everyone wonder what the 21-year-old is up to these days. Looks like he’s got too movies in post-production, Tag and For the Love of Money, and he was just an understudy in the L.A. production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore, a play about Irish terrorists. And also, he’s been at the gym a lot.

For a whole lot more photos, go to

[Photos: TriStar Pictures, Caliendo Photography]

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