DMX At Your Service, Helps Vacuum A Nightclub


DMX likes to get down and … not dirty. Just last week, the rapper helped a fan clean up a Waffle House. As in, he took a mop from his hands and swabbed the whole place. At 4 a.m. The good deeds continued as TMZ reports that DMX vacuumed a carpet at a nightclub called Club Universal in South Carolina over the weekend. We hope he didn’t forget to give his halo a spritz as well. Apparently, cleaning is one of his things and he explained, “Broom, vacuum, mop, whatever … it’s a rewarding experience.” Cutting to the chase, he also laid it down with, “What can I say? I like clean s—t and the supplies were available.” Who would have thought it — DMX, cleaning up America, one city at a time.

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