Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body


Oh, celebrities, why must you insist on making the rest of us look bad? Just over six months after giving birth to cuter than cute twins Morocco and Monroe, Mariah Carey is flaunting a hotter than hot body on the cover of Us Weekly.

But OK, she’s not trying to make us look bad. She’s just doing her job as new spokesperson for Jenny (f.k.a. Jenny Craig), and presumably trying to inspire us follow her example.

During pregnancy, Mariah told USA Today, she had edema, a painful retention of fluid in the tissue. “My legs looked three times the size of what my legs do right now. I thought I would never be the same person again.”

She gained a “tremendous amount of weight,” she told Us. And we can only imagine it, since she rarely allowed herself to be photographed in recent months (though she did tweet this photo in August). So in July, after she stopped breastfeeding, she went on the Jenny diet, eating just 1500 calories a day, and working out. (USA Today reports that she exercises four to five times a week, while Us says it’s just three times a week — which is it, Mariah? We need to know the absolute minimum!)

“I lost a lot of water weight initially, and then I lost 30 pounds on top of that,” she told USA Today.

Well, consider us inspired, Mimi.

[Photos: Splash News Online, Us Weekly]

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