Nic Cage Bought A $2000 Steak Knife, And 10 More Reasons Why He’s Broke


Last we heard about Nicolas Cage’s finances, he was going broke and banks were auctioning off several of his foreclosed New Orleans mansions. He even resorted to suing his money gurus for fraud and for placing him in “numerous highly speculative and risky real estate investments” that have lead him to the brink of “financial ruin.” But we guess that’s all over now, because Nic just shelled out $2000 for a steak knife! But to be fair, this isn’t just any old piece of cutlery. It’s a custom-made 4-inch Don Dezarn with a bald eagle carved into an ivory handle! The knife is apparently meant as a decorative collectable, but Nic told shop keepers at the Alaska shop that he actually intends to use the piece to cut his meat. That sounds just like the deliciously crazy Nicolas Cage that we know and love. Check the gallery below for more outrageous purchases that probably didn’t help with Nic’s financial ruin!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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