Nick Cannon Pretends To Lose Dog By Tying It To Balloons, PETA Gets Pissed


Nick Cannon should really learn to lay off the pranks. Last spring he gave out his home phone number while broadcasting his 92.3 radio show, leading to fans calling his then-pregnant wife Mariah Carey at all hours. And yesterday Nick pissed people off with  his “funny” steez again, by pretending to lose his co-host’s tiny dog after tying it to 50 helium-filled balloons! While allegedly doing an on-air experiment to see how many balloons it would take to lift DJ Sarah Lee’s Pomeranian, Nick pretended that the stunt went horribly wrong and that the animal was floating away. He posted a spoof video of the event on the station’s website, and even made “lost” posters, which claimed that the dog was seen floating over the Hudson towards New Jersey. However, he soon revealed that it was just a dummy flying high in the skies, and that the real pooch was safe and sound.

Although he meant it in good fun, Nick’s canine tribute to the movie Up has animal rights groups up in arms, fearing that a copycat prankster could attempt to do this for real. “If bad taste were a crime, we’d be going to jail with Nick,” says a spokesperson for activist group PETA. “But joking about killing a dog, a kid, an old person — anyone — isn’t cool when there’s always the danger that some numbskull will do it for real.” After getting death threats, Nick remains defiant on the matter. “Even if someone was dumb enough to try the balloon stunt scientifically it wouldn’t work,” he said on his twitter. “Mathematically 50 balloons could never carry a dog into the air.” He better be careful, or else PETA might do an experiment to see how many balloons it takes to make him float away.

[Photo: Getty Images/923 Radio]

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