The Only Thing Better Than Dog Sombreros? Beer For Dogs


There’s a new product on the market for dogs out there looking for a fast and liquid way to unwind. It’s called Bowser Beer, and it’s beer for dogs made out of barley and homemade beef or chicken broth. (Stop the pressed, I’d also drink it.) The beer is non-alcoholic, but no need to pour it into Amstel Light bottles for your little guy – dogs can’t read. They also don’t know what beer is but will probably still lap up this “beer,” which again, the more I’m learning about it, the more I’m realizing it’s really just meat-flavored water. Meat flavored water that’ll set you back $20 a six-pack, assuring that it is a dog beer that will probably only be purchased by rappers and college students too drunk to realize that they’re buying 6 Cock-a-Doodle Brew’s instead of their usual piss.

But you know what? I can’t even hate on the good people behind Bowser Beer because they took the time to dress up a Golden Retriever as a waiter at Chevy’s. That takes both time and class.

More sh*tfaced dogs ahead!

Here’s a wasted Dog Bumblebee:

And a completely trashed dog Santa:

But just who on Earth could come up with something like Dog Beer????


[Photos: Splash]

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