Football Armadillo Is Weirdly Adorable And Adorably Weird


Here’s a video of an armadillo at the Cincinnati Zoo going absolutely nuts over a football, set to the soundtrack of an olde timey Cincinnati Bengals fight song. There is simultaneously so much and so little going on in this video, it’s tough to wrap your head around it, but it is NOT tough for the armadillo to angrily wrap itself around that football so many times.

It’s a good thing armadillos don’t actually exist, because that’d be weird:

Unfortunately, he picked Sunday’s Bengals/Steelers game incorrectly, though that might be the fault of the humans for misinterpreting the animal slightly bumping into one of the helmets as a definitive, well-informed prediction (the fact that it is an animal is not a factor in its predictive abilities, as we on the internet all know).

Also, the Cincinnati Zoo is my favorite zoo I’ve ever visited (including San Diego and D.C.) and you should go to it. If you ever find yourself in Cincinnati for some reason. Like, if you’re chloroformed and you wake up naked one day later inside a Skyline Chili? Eat some chili then go to this zoo. Don’t even waste time putting clothes on.

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