PHOTO: Zuccotti Park Is Open To The Public Again!!!


The NYPD raided Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park at 2 am last night to clear out Occupy Wall Street protesters (and strangely barred the press in the process). Regardless of your feelings towards #OWS or the city’s ruthless action or the protest-complaints from local businesses and residents, we can all at least agree on one thing –

It’s great that Zuccotti Park is once again open to the public:

WHEW! Finally, the local cops with riot helmets can once again enjoy the benefits of the city’s wonderful greenspaces.

For the record, I used to work in the Financial District and the only local businesses there are two Blimpies that disappear into the earth at 5:00 and a lingerie store called “New York Stocking Exchange” that no one’s ever entered but it makes tourists chuckle on their way to the World Trade Center memorial. Who knew that Big Blimpie held so much sway in this town?

(Thanks for the pic, @ActuallyCurtis!)

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