Whither The Lobster Hat? Lady Gaga’s Fashion Choices Go Normal


Lady Gaga…is that you? Perfectly coiffed hair, appropriately-sized clothing free, heels that aren’t shaped like demon claws or missing a heel, no uncooked slabs of beef tied together to make a dress. We feel like we’re taking crazy pills here! Recent photos from Gaga’s trip to London has us wondering if the singer is taking a sartorial turn for average, and we are not happy about it. Don’t get us wrong; Gaga looks amazing. Unfortunately, she also looks like a million other lovely ladies. We’re sure Lady Gaga’s outrageous outfits aren’t going anywhere, but it does make us look back on the most bizarrely not-bizarre fashion choices she’s made in the past couple years. That’s right, behold Lady Gaga’s most normal looks.

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