Here’s Everything You Missed At The Chocolate Show


There I was last week, sitting in my office blogging as I do, when I heard it. The special brown phone that I’ve designated to ring only on that rare occasion that I get invited to New York City’s Annual Chocolate Show. It started ringing its signature ringtone as I reached for the receiver, trembling. On the other end of the line, static. And then, a voice: “It’s time.”

And that’s how I ended up going to the 14th Annual Chocolate Show right here in New York City. Everyone was there: The darks, the milks, the whites, the bitters, alllll the alkaloids… no percentage was overlooked.

There are a few things I learned: People who make chocolate tend to be good people. Like people who left high-paying jobs because their passion lay within a small brown bean. Also that the good people at FIKA Chocolate (“The Ikea of Chocolate!” – Me) actually make the most delicious chocolate in Manhattan and maybe the world (Manhattan is pretty good guys, don’t push it.) Because if you’ve never tasted a hazelnut truffle with chocolate Pop Rocks in it, then you haven’t lived and then simultaneously had a panic attack because Pop Rocks are kind of terrifying.

But enough about me!!! Here is video from VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live featuring everything you missed at the Chocolate Show this year. I saved you a piece of your favorite in my office!**

**I didn’t.

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