Who Had The Best Wedding Gown: Beyonce, Kate Middleton Or Bella Swan?


This has been a year for huge weddings. (Or a huge year for weddings?) There was the royal one across the pond, the royal “fairytale” of Kris and Kim, and of course, Bella and Edward’s long-awaited walk down the aisle this week. But remember back when music’s Queen B and one half of the Throne tied the knot in almost-secret three years ago? Pregnancy seems to have made Beyonce less shy about her private life. Among the many home videos showing B’s absolutely amazing life that accompany the video of her live performance of “I Was Here” at Roseland Ballroom in August, there is a quick glimpse of her in the gown. Even all grainy, with B clearly not wearing makeup, she is pretty stunning in the strapless, gathered dress. Maybe now that she’s shown this much, we can one day see the finished product? We’ll keep wishing, anyway.

Though some of us are old and long-married, we still enjoy a little fantasy gown shopping once in a while, so we’d like to ask …

And yeah, feel free to come back and vote after you’ve seen Breaking Dawn Part 1.

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