I Don’t Know About You, But I’m All For “The Edgy Munsters”


Our friend Claire Zulkey sent along this link, which informs us that while NBC has ditched its cult-favorite sitcom Community for the time being, they are looking over to greener pastures. Frankensteinliterally. That’s because they’ve just ordered a pilot that is being described as an “edgier” version of The Munsters.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Why on EARTH would any network, much less the National Broadcasting Company, want to bring back a black and white show about a hilarious monster family with a giant Frankenstein dad and a sexy Elvira mom and hilaaaaarious Vampire Grandpa? To which I respond: Why wouldn’t they bring it back?

Unless Nick at Nite smartly swaps their Home Improvement reruns for some actual old school comedy, The Munsters will soon become a once forgotten TV show. Now to be fair, this updated “edgy” version will almost surely ruin the original, though the man behind it, Bryan Fuller, is also the brain behind Pushing Daisies, which is a promising start. But think of how many young kids out there have never even heard of the brilliance of The Munsters. I mean, after Mr. Ed and Car 54 Where Are You?, The Munsters was probably one of the funniest, most irreverent sitcoms of the early 1960s.

I mean seriously, read some of these episode synopses:

To cure Herman of his hiccups, Grandpa puts him into a trance. When a couple of fraternity pledges are sent to spend a night in the Munster house, they think he’s a dummy and bring him to a sorority house.

Or this:

When Herman visits the hospital to see Eddie, who is having his tonsils out, he is mistaken for an accident victim and is immediately given a dose of laughing gas.

Not convinced? I’ll go on:

Eddie volunteers Herman as a performer for his school’s talent night. Since Herman has no discernible talent, Grandpa conjures up a pair of magic ballet shoes that will make him a gifted dancer, but Eddie already has him billed as a magic act.


The Munsters is my Twilight.

And anything that brings more attention to a show I fear will be forgotten about in a single generation is fine by me. Honestly while writing this post I just plunked down the $40 for the entire Munsters series on DVD. #bargain

The real issue with bringing the show back is that my main Herman Munster Fred Gwynne passed away years ago. It seems impossible to picture anyone else with that giant forehead on. Was that even makeup? Gwynn WAS Frankenstein. But I’m sure they’ll find some giant — Michael Clarke Duncan maybe? — to fill Herman’s giant black orthopedic shoes.

In short, whatever brings The Munsters theme song back into my life on a weekly basis…. well, America, I can’t argue with that.

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