Selena Gomez’s Week Gets Worse As Judge Throws Out Her Stalker Case


Poor Selena Gomez can’t catch a break these days. First she has to deal with the increasingly ugly off-and-on paternity suit against her boyfriend Justin Bieber. Plus her new puppy Baylor is recovering from a bad case of ODing on rocks. And if this all wasn’t rough enough, a California¬† judge just dismissed the case against her super-scary stalker.

Illinois native Thomas Brodnicki was accused of stalking the Disney star between July and October of this year. The 46-year-old told his therapist that he is obsessed with meeting Selena, and claims to have had conversations with God about killing her. Despite this damning evidence, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Edmund Clarke Jr. ruled yesterday that the stalker “lacked specific intent” to cause the actress anxiety or fear and has thrown the case out. Err…isn’t stalking still stalking, regardless of intent? We’re not lawyers, but this seems to set an interesting new legal precedent we’ll call “It’s OK To Do Whatever The Hell You Want, As Long As You Didn’t Mean To Upset Anybody.”

So where do you go when your stalker is freed, your dog is sick, and your boyfriend is being publicly accused of knocking up some rando? Into the loving¬† and self-deprecating arms of Ellen DeGeneres, of course! Selena swung by the talk show host yesterday and opened up about her troubles. “It’s not easy,” she admitted when asked about Justin’s paternity woes. But she got some relief that the suit seemed extremely flimsy, and the general view is that it’s all lies. “It’s good to just kind of be good,” she said. We’re glad she’s finding some equilibrium in this situation.

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