Kate’s Fangirl Review: Five Things That Make Breaking Dawn Extra Awesome


[Warning! There are spoilers in my video review.]

When my editor Mark was like, “Hey, Kate, do you want to do a video for your Breaking Dawn review?” I was all, “Sure! I love hearing the sound of my own voice, especially when it’s saying words like ‘thrusting’ and ‘ugly wigs.’ I’ll talk for two minutes, tops.”

Er, guess who talked for six straight, gushy minutes about the movie? THIS gal. But guys — it’s because the movie is so great. Seriously. I mean this. And I’ve never raved about the previous three films. I like them enough because, you know, my brain only functions in a Twilight-loving way, but I’ve never actually been completely sucked in, onboard and moved to tears MULTIPLE times. Enter director Bill Condon and the fourth Twilight film, and all that changed. That is why I tweeted a photo of myself grinning like a clown after screening the movie  — which Bill told me at the premiere he saw and loved, because it was the first reaction they had to the movie. Me, guys. I was the first Breaking Dawn reaction Bill saw, and yes, you better believe this is a full on BRAG. (Bill, call me. Let’s do lunch. My treat if it’s somewhere cheap.)

It should go without saying that this is a non-review review. We all know I’m like the conductor of the Twilight train, so I walked into the theater with a major bias already in place. But perhaps that also makes me a harsher critic. I wanted desperately for Breaking Dawn to live up to my very high expectations, and it did. I was truly surprised to find myself completely absorbed in the film; I knew the story and yet it still felt entirely new to me. So if you have six minutes to spare, my Breaking Dawn fangirl review awaits you above. And if you’re reading this, you know you’re required to tell me what you thought of the movie after you see it, right? I eagerly await your @ replies (@katespencer).


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