Mariah Yeater Hires New Lawyer, Still Insists Justin Bieber’s Her Baby Daddy


So much for Mariah Yeater dropping her paternity suit against Justin Bieber. Her team of lawyers may have ditched her and abandoned her claims, but that still isn’t a big enough hint. TMZ now reports that Mariah’s hired a new lawyer, who’s apparently as convinced as she is that the Biebs is the father of her baby. Jeffrey Leving doesn’t care that the singer’s team is going to countersue for making false allegations, either. He says that’s he’s already negotiating the terms of  that DNA test Justin was planning to take.

Leving also adds that Justin’s legal team is using strong-arm tactics to scare them off. And in this case, it’s a “20-year-old woman with no money and no job” who’s being targeted, so he is not going to back down. The only reason why Mariah withdrew the case, Leving claims, is to usher in a private settlement. Let round two begin.

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