Mariah Yeater’s Alleged Texts Reveal Justin Bieber Is Not Her Baby’s Father


If this story turns out to be true, then the shiz is going to hit the fan. TMZ has published a story about Mariah Yeater sending an alleged text to a friend on Wednesday which could potentially blow her paternity suit against Justin Bieber apart. The friend’s identity is being kept a secret, but the text in question reads, “Pleeease ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom where she says Tristyn is Robbies Son Ill [sic] kick you when we get paid im trusting you pleeease. Mariah Laci.” The “Robbie” in the text happens to be Mariah’s ex-boyfriend. If that wasn’t bad enough for her case, her supposed “friend” in in possession of more incriminating text messages he claims are from her. Another particularly damning one reads, “[W]ould you please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son’s life?”

Howard Weitzman (Bieber’s lawyer) has already released a statement regarding this update which says, “This information proves Mariah Yeater fabricated the story. Our independent investigation indicates Ms. Yeater never met Justin, she has consistently identified another man as the child’s father, and Ms. Yeater and her co-conspirators hatched this scheme in order to extort money from him and to sell her story to the media. There have been no settlement discussions and there never will be.” Quite an unfortunate development for Mariah’s new lawyer, Jeffrey Leving.

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