Snooki Maintains That Beautiful Glow With Kitty Litter Face Scrub


When it comes to beauty regimes, the guidettes of Jersey Shore do not mess around. In addition to frequent gym visits, chronic tanning and extensive pouf maintenance, Snooki revealed an unsettling beauty secret last night when she stopped by Conan, one that will help your skin keep its flawless nectarine sheen: rubbing your face with kitty litter. “It’s got exfoliates, they’ve got rocks in there,” the reality star explained. “It makes your skin really smooth.” When Conan pointed out all the chemicals that are probably included into your average scoop of Fresh Step, Snooki shrugged, “I haven’t broken out yet!” Good enough for us!

In case you’re wondering how your skin would look after burying your face in Mr. Mittenhand’s toilet pebbles, you can try out Snooki’s new Snookify app on iTunes. Conan and sidekick Andy Ritcher did.  Oh, how they did. “I think I carry the boobs better,” Andy explains, as the audience shrieks in horror. Just don’t tell Deena that! You know that’s, like, her thing.

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